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EMNE: Alfa 145 - New Engine

Sv: Alfa 145 - New Engine 08.05.2013 23:21 #9842

Thank you very much for your time! I was not aware of this law.

No, the dealer never mentioned holding the car for a private person. The transaction was done between me (physical person) and him (company).

I will give him a call tomorrow, see where that gets me.

Sv: Alfa 145 - New Engine 08.05.2013 23:22 #9843

Garanti og reklamationsret er ikke det samme. En garanti skal stille køber bedre end reklamationsret

Sv: Alfa 145 - New Engine 24.05.2013 22:51 #9983

Hello again!

It has come down to the following options:
1. repair the car by changing the engine with NO guarantee that it will actually last - 8000-10000kr
2. sell car to scrap yard - gain 2500kr
3. ???

There has to be another way of getting more money for this car than 2500 kr at a scrapyard! Is there any way that I could trade it in somewhere? Is there some car-chage programe? There has to be something..

If anyone knows something like that, please let me know! Thank you very much!
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